Should "The Game Changers" Movie Change Your Game?

Read more: Should I Just saw this movie last night. This is a well made movie and flows well throughout – and for a person with no background in science and nutrition there would be a clear take home message from watching it. I have been asked for my opinion on it many times in the last few weeks since it has come out, and here it is.

What Is The Best Exercise Regime?

Read more: What Is The Best Exercise...Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. I, along with countless other health experts and scientific studies, attest to its many benefits. Performing it correctly will produce positive biochemical changes in your body and even help prevent certain chronic diseases. Yet, committing to a regular exercise program is one of the biggest issues people face today, as many simply do not have the time to do it.

Endurance Athletes Who Eat Low-Carb Burn Twice As Much Fat

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The highest fat-burning rates under these conditions ever seen by researchers! The new study by Ohio state University researchers published in the journal Metabolism 2015, is the first to profile elite athletes habitually eating very low-carbohydrate diets, involved 20 ultra-endurance runners age 21-45 who were top competitors in running events of 50 kilometers (31 miles) or more

How Ergogenic Aids Enhance Athletic Performance

Read more: How Ergogenic Aids Enhance... Ergogenic Aids - Enhance Athletic Performance

What are herbal Adaptogen tonics

Using herbal medicine one can improve performance with Adaptogen tonics. Adaptogen tonics are a class of herbal medicines which strengthen Allostasis. Allostasis is the body’s adaptation to stress. Allostatic (adaptive) systems are critical to survival and enable us to respond to changes in our physical state (such as asleep, awake, standing, sitting, eating, exercising, infection etc) and psychological states (such as anticipation, fear, isolation, worry and lack of control).

The safety and many health benefits of unpasteurized Milk

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Milk - Healthy Or Not?

Dear editor,

I am writing in response to Mr Gabriel MacSharry¹s article "Milk - Healthy or not?" that was published in the Sligo Weekender on 17th June 2008.

Mr MacSharry¹s article states that unpasteurised milk from healthy cows is safe to consume. safefood wishes to point out that this advice is not based on sound scientific evidence and could have serious public health consequences.

Time for every person to get serious regarding Cancer prevention

"We are almost certainly going to have twice as many cancer patients in 2040,” says Dr Harry Comber, director of the National Cancer Registry, Ireland

New Statistical Forecasts Hold A Grim Message

The National Cancer Registry in Ireland yesterday released its latest research projections for cancer in Ireland. Depending on the projection model used, the research indicates that new invasive cancer cases could increase by up to 125 per cent for females and by up to 133 per cent for males in 26 years’ time.

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