How to Reduce Ear Infections in your Kids

How To Reduce Ear Infections In Your Kids

New Research

Middle ear infection(MEI) also called Acute otitis media is one of the most common childhood infections, the leading cause of doctors’ visits by children and the most frequent reason for children to receive antibiotics or undergo surgery.

In a large study published in the Journal of Family Practice, June 2008 researchers found that the use of a pacifier (aka Soother or doo-doo) nearly doubles the child’s risk of getting multiple middle ear infections. This is a large concern since 75–85% of all children in western countries including Ireland use a pacifier for their children to suck on.

Two causal mechanisms have been proposed for this interesting finding. First, sucking on a pacifier increases the reflux of secretions from the area of the upper throat that lies behind the nose, into the middle ear, i.e. during a common cold bad bugs can enter the middle ear more easily through this route. Second, the use of a pacifier may induce changes in dental structure and thereby dysfunction of the narrow tubes coming from the inner ears(Eustachian tubes).

These findings are consistent with previous studies carried out on the topic. Here is a list of things you can do to reduce the risk of your child getting an ear infection:

  • Don’t allow your child to use a pacifier

  • Breastfeed: Children who are breastfed get fewer middle ear infections

  • Crèche: Children who attend a day care center or crèche are more likely to get ear infections

  • Milk allergy: and other hyper allergenic foods can cause increased incidences of ear infections

  • Parental smoking: increases the chance of the child to develop an ear infection, for obvious reasons

Herbal Medicines

Recurrent infections are a sign that the immune system is working under par, various herbal medicines used internally in children can be very beneficial in this incidence. Also of benefit used topically, Garlic oil is a traditional treatment for middle ear infections and is safe and effective for topical use in children at the right dose and with the correct preparation.

Qualified Medical Herbalists are highly trained to administer herbs at a dose suitable for an infant or children of all ages.

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