Natural Tips On How To Conquer Exam Stress

If your sleeping well and your digestion is working well it will have a positive impact on your concentration and cognitive function and hence improve exam performance

There are Herbal Medicines you can take to combat nerves on exam day and to keep yourself in good health despite the pressure. It is well documented in the scientific literature that stress can reduce proper immune function and will almost certainly increase your susceptibility to illness such as coughs and colds.

Because of the increased susceptibility to illness around exam time, I recommend taking precautions before, during and even after the exam period. But primarily the main priority is to ensure that you're in optimal condition both mentally and physically during the few hours of each individual exam. The key here is to remain as relaxed as you can and your memory recall will be at its best. Here are some helpful tips:

Breathing techniques

Stress can make you start breathing with quick, shallow breaths and make your heart beat faster than usual. This can cause more anxiety. To reduce this do the following: Breathe in silently through your nose to the count of four. Hold your breath to the count of seven. Exhale through your mouth to the count of eight. That completes one full breath. Repeat the cycle another three times, for a total of four breaths. This will regulate your breathing again and have a calming effect on you nervous system.

Physical exercise

Regular exercise is an excellent way of coping with stress while studying in preparation, and during the exams. As little as 30-60 minutes a day spent walking or cycling etc. will be very beneficial. In the fresh air and sunshine is best

Herbal Medicines for exam stress

Herbal medicines are great for reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing sleep and rest, without causing undesirable side effects such as grogginess and poor concentration.

Valerian Root

A remedy used for thousands of years, Valerian root is a popular natural alternative for treating anxiety, as well as several other issues. Take Valerian root throughout exams period for anxiety relief.

St Johns Wort

My front line medicine for the treatment of anxiety and sleep disturbances. Has a calming effect on the nervous system and is very effective for nervous tension when studying and doing exams. (Available on prescription from Medical Herbalist. Contact the clinic for more information)


Chamomile is a popular tea known for its calming effects. Scientists believe the Flavonoids in chamomile calm the central nervous system, thus reducing feelings of anxiety and panic. Chamomile is very safe and can be taken three times a day.


Also known as Vervain, this herb is another good solution for anxiety. Drink as a tea or put a few drops of the extract in juice or water to feel the tension melt away. Some feel that those who carry their tension in their shoulders and neck are especially affected by the relaxing properties of verbena.


Passionflower has been used for centuries in the Americas as a natural anxiety reliever as well as a treatment for insomnia. Passionflower can be taken by capsule, diluted extract with water, or as a tea.

Lemon balm

A member of the mint family, lemon balm is known as a calming herb that helps reduce stress and anxiety. It may also improve alertness, making this herb perfect for exam time. Lemon balm is especially effective when blended with other calming herbs such as Valerian root.


Hops has been used around the world to reduce anxiety and feelings of restlessness. Take this herb as a capsule, diluted with water, or drink the teas. Hops often combined Valerian root to boost its effectiveness and can often be found combined as a preparation in teas and capsules.

There are other herbal medicines with good research suggesting improved memory like Ginkgo and Brahmi but are outside the scope of this article. In my opinion if you take measures to improve the quality of your sleeping pattern and the function of your digestive system around exam time, you will indirectly greatly enhance your exam performance. For more information, and to obtain Herbal Medicines contact the clinic on 0719142940

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