Plants warn other plants of danger (VIDEO)

Plants communicate by a very complex mechanism

Plants warn other plants of danger from pests etc and respond by producing secondary metabolites - it is these substances that are important medicine and food for health. In my opinion this is the truest most important factor for using organically grown foods and medicines.

If the herbs and plants are sprayed with fungicide and pesticide, they will not come under attack by pest and therefore will not develop robust immunity. If there is no chemical sprays used the herbs will respond to attack by producing more of its own protective immune factors – the same ones that hold medicinal action on human physiology when consumed.

They may not look as big and picturesque as conventional produce, but the nitrogen and nutrient resources it used to defend itself and not on growing big and beautiful – went on to produce wonderful phytochemicals that are devoid in the conventional vegetables but abundant in the organic plants.

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