Here’s My Selfie. Make-Up "Causes" Breast Cancer. Awareness

March 2014
 by Gabriel MacSharry
In line with the "No Make-Up Selfie" awareness campaign for Breast Cancer, Its worth pointing out how "using make-up contributes to the epidemic of breast cancer" in women today.

Oestrogen drives about 70 per cent of breast cancers

Xenoestrogens are man-made, or synthetic, chemicals which, once inside the body, can mimic the action of the female sex hormone oestrogen, or estrogen as it is called in some countries. Xenoestrogens are often dubbed oestrogen mimics. The word ´xeno´ comes from Ancient Greek, meaning ´foreign´. Xenoestrogens are environmental toxins. Make-Up and Cosmetics are full of xenoestrogens.

Synthetic chemicals found in all manner of products we use, from cosmetics to deodorants, shampoos and pesticides are, of course regulated and safe levels set by Governments. Usually these safety limits are set in ´parts per million´. That is to say that these chemicals in your lipstick or nail polish are permitted and deemed safe even though they could be present in concentrations a thousand times or more higher than your natural hormones.

Medical School Professor Anna Soto of Tufts has conducted numerous experiments on the issue of xenoestrogens and has concluded beyond all doubt that they are cumulative. Notwithstanding any safety limits set by Governments for any individual chemical, xenoestrogens add up and, depending upon the products you commonly come into contact with, xenoestrogens in the body can far exceed any Government safety limit

Oestrogen causes cancer

In simple terms, Xenoestrogens found in make-up and cosmetics mimic the human female hormone estrogen in the body. Examples of these chemicals that are undoubtedly in the products that you smear all over your face, lips and body on a daily basis are BPA, Parabens, Phthalates, OMC (Octyl methoxycinnamate), Octocrylene, Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Homosalate, Octinoxatre and Octisalate to name just a few. Oestrogen drives about 70 per cent of breast cancers and causes cancer in three ways, all of which have been clearly evidenced.

Aluminum in Cosmetics

Could the aluminum contained in cosmetics contribute to breast cancer? According to oncologist Dr Philippa D Darbre, Senior Lecturer in Oncology, The University of Reading, the aluminum contained in deodorants and sprayed under the arm, is likely to contribute to the fact that 60% of breast tumors found today are beside the armpit

Vitamin D Prevents Cancer, Make-Up Blocks Vitamin D production

Vitamin D has a cancer preventative action that is well researched. Adequate vitamin D levels could reduce your risk of getting cancer by 50% , more specifically optimizing your vitamin D levels has been shown to cut breast cancer incidence by 77 percent in four years!. Sunscreen completely blocks vitamin D production in exposed areas, and a lot of make-up contains SPF sun block. So by using make-up you are blocking the production of a potent breast cancer-preventative agent.

Lets Promote Awareness of Breast Cancer Prevention

Personally I think women look better without all the make-up, however It may be unrealistic to ask women to avoid cosmetics. Rather maybe do like Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen who uses safe sun exposure and natural cosmetics to make her complexion look beautiful and healthy. Healthy exposure to natural light will take away the pale look that many use make-up to mask in the first place.

Cancer research UK who launched ‘no make-up selfie’ raised £1 million in one day in donations but unfortunately the majority of this money will go to further the drug Treatment of cancer and a small minority to Prevention. The strategy is upside down here and the majority of funds should go to true prevention. True prevention highlights how to avoid getting breast cancer in the first place, from avoiding chemicals highlighted above, promoting physical exercise as a drug and promoting lifestyle choices and healthy eating guidelines that smash cancer development, and not just the no-brainers like smoking and alcohol abuse. Increased screening like mammograms has shown to be ineffective too , your better off with a good self-exam (a selfie?).

So in the spirit of rising awareness about breast cancer, lets put all the facts on the table and move to make some true impact in preventing this modern day epidemic.

In Health,

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